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When You Learn These Simple Sex Techniques,
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HOURS of footage from The Art and Science of Sex Seminar LIVE DEMO where I demonstrate the fingering techniques I use to give women orgasms on command!

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Change Sex Positions Smoothly and Easily?

Know how to find any woman’s G-spot?

Make Any Woman Squirt?

Ease your woman into anal sex?

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Creating the Sex Life You Want Through Sexual Framing (55min43sec)

How to get women to do what you want them to do in bed.

Step by step—how to train women to have orgasms while giving you a blowjob (or anything else!)

Basic Sex Positions (25min28sec)

In this video, I demonstrate, with the help of my lovely assistant, the basic sex positions and their variations

Learn the pros and cons of the different sex positions so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs

How to quickly and easily shift from one sex position to another so you don’t need to pull out and keep the good vibes flowing.


Start using these simple techniques to have the sex life you've always wanted and that you deserve.

What you'll learn in this program will give you skills that other men don't have...women will keep coming back for more again and again to get what no other man can give them.

Know more, be more, have more hot sex

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Female Sexual Anatomy

7 detailed diagrams covering both the outer vagina that you can see, and the inner vagina that you can’t see

Finally understand the mystery that is the vagina and be a pro in the bedroom

Know more than 99% of guys (and girls) out there

For the first time, understand all her lady parts, what they do and how they work

Female Anatomy Described and Explained in Detail (10min23sec)

I reveal the secrets you need to know so that you know her vagina better than she does

You’ll learn everything you need to understand to be able to suck, fuck and touch her so she goes wild and begs for more

Finally understand what it takes to make women feel good, and what makes the squirting orgasm possible

Understanding this stuff, will make every other guy she’s been with look like droopy eyed armless children

Female Ejaculation and Squirting Orgasms are No Myth… Here’s How (live demo videos included)

How to get women to do what you want them to do in bed.

Step by step—how to train women to have orgasms while giving you a blowjob (or anything else!)

In this series of videos, I demonstrate the fingering techniques I use to train women to have orgasms on demand in this live footage from The Art and Science of Sex Seminar

Finally learn the truth behind this mythical technique

My practical guidelines mean that you’ll be able to give a squirting orgasm to any woman with a little practice rather than the months, that other “gurus” say it takes

Have the wettest sex of your life! (Get some towels ready…)

Step by step breakdown of how to squirt any woman(9min43sec)

Listen to live footage of what it sounds like when a girl is ready to squirt(5sec)

Live squirting demo(7min11sec)

A close up of one of my girls’ squirting vaginas—pulled from my homemade porn collection(27sec)

The Anatomy of the Internal Clitoris (3min58sec)

While most people think that the bud poking out at the top of the vagina, you’ll know it’s much more than that

Learn the full internal structure of the clitoris

Find out the secret behind the G-spot

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Turn Your Woman into an Anal Sex Fanatic

Find out why anal sex is a great idea for you and for her

How to sexualize her ass so she loves you playing with it

Make her hot and horny to have your penis in her ass

Make the chocolate creampie a regular late night dessert

I explain, step by step how to ease any girl into anal play and anal sex smoothly (12min53sec)

Watch my anal fingering demo so you too can bury your fingers deep in a girls ass—pulled from my homemade porn collection (2min17sec)

What Guys and Girls Say

Curious about what kind of effect this can have? Take a look at some of the responses...

  • Jumper aka Harlan Malfoy

    You should learn game from RPQ because sometime in the future, you will be having a wank and you`ll find that stuff you`ve done gets you off way more than porn does!

  • Introduction to Female Sexual Psychology (38min34sec)
  • Creating the Sex Life You Want Through Sexual Framing(55min43sec)
  • Basic Sex Positions(25min28sec)
  • Female Anatomy Described and Explained in Detail(10min23sec)
  • The Anatomy of the Internal Clitoris(3min58sec)
  • Step by step breakdown of how to squirt any woman(9min43sec)
  • Live squirting demo(7min11sec)
  • How to ease any girl into anal play and anal sex smoothly(12min53sec)
  • Anal fingering demo-—pulled from my homemade porn collection(2min17sec)
  • All streaming video that can be viewed from ANY browser!
  • and more...

My Story

Hi, I’m RedpoleQ and I’ve been living in Asia since the year 2000, more than 14 years ago. Since 2007, I’ve been teaching guys how to get the Asian girls they really want through my live trainings over at PickUp Asia.In 2012, I decided that I wanted to reach out and help even more guys so I launched, Asian Dating Monthly to spread the word about dating Asian girls and all that I’ve learned so that you don’t have to make the same stupid mistakes I did.Unlike some guys, I had a hard time dating when I first moved to Japan in 2000. I was meeting a lot of girls at clubs and bars, and through friends, but somehow it never went anywhere. Occasionally, I’d get dates, but those usually ended with me nervously going for the kiss in my apartment and her leaving moments later.And I wish I could say that these women were beautiful. Thank god that smart phones and digital cameras weren’t around back then, or I’d have evidence of the old, ugly girls that wouldn’t have me…the best I can say for them is that at least they were thin! (Asia does have it’s perks in that regard).

Over 7 painstaking years, I figured out the deal with Asian girls. Step-by-step, day by day, me and my close group of friends worked out what it takes to get Asian girls. One of my friends who learned his game in big bad NYC came to roll with my crew for a few weeks and said that there was no way he could have gotten all the knowledge about getting Asian girls anywhere else. I suggested we start teaching it officially instead of just keeping it within our small group of friends.In January 2007, we launched out first site. Weeks later, some guys contacted us from Tokyo asking us to train them. They were so thrilled that word spread and a few months later, we got an e-mail from some guys in Seoul, South Korea asking us to hop a plane and help them out.

Now, we’ve taught all across Asia in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, and Hong Kong.Guys pay upwards of US$1,250 to spend a weekend with me as I coach them through approaching women on the street, at the mall in clubs and bars, at cafes and anywhere else you find attractive women. During the 3 days of training, I’m with them at every second, giving them feedback in real time, and teaching them the basic understandings they need to have a strong and lasting impact on the women they meet so that those women want to meet them again.And even with all that time, while they build a solid foundation, there is too much to share with them in just one weekend. A lot of the learning comes from their continuous interaction with me during the follow up phone coaching, through our alumni group chats, and on the alumni forum. The amount of personal interaction they get is so valuable that one of my clients who lives in Guangzhou said he feels like he spends more time with me than with many of his closest friends!

While this is great, I only have a limited amount of time. When one of my clients asks me a question, I often think about how valuable the information would be for other clients to hear too. So, I decided to start recording more and more of what I’ve learned and what I teach in my Approach Mastery boot camp, my Art and science of Sex Seminar, my Art of seduction Through Storytelling, and my other live courses that are $1,600 and up per person to attend.

Here is your chance to get in on the action.

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Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty?

Look, I’m not some super slick snake oil salesman. I’m just a ordinary guy who spent an extraordinary amount of time learning about sex. Some guys are more interested in flash and gimmicks than in learning real shit. If you are one of those guys, this product is not for you.

Much of this footage comes from me just kicking back with my friends and clients and answering questions…some of this footage comes from my personal homemade porn collection—it was purely designed just to enjoy between me an my ladies and was never intended for teaching purposes.

However, I thought it would be wrong to deprive you of the chance to see what really goes on behind closed doors.

If what you really want is to look at pretty pictures and editing then move one now. This is down and dirty real life tricks and techniques that I use several times a week when I’m making sweet love to any one of my girls. This is the 100% real shit, not some mystic mumbo jumbo that a lot of guys out there try to peddle to make it seem like they have magic fairy dust shooting out of their asses.

Well not me. The techniques are simple and well enough explained that most of my clients have gotten girls fucking, sucking, butt fucking and squirting within weeks of learning this stuff from me.

I don’t have for guys who are more interested in how pretty the picture is than how valuable the information is. In fact, just getting to see the fresh poon of 3 of my girls is alone worth more than the cost I’m charging you. I mean, these 3 Japanese girls are all fine pieces of ass that I worked hard to get and would drive you wild if you ever got a taste.

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The 100% I Don’t Need Your F*^#*@ING Money Anyway Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the admittedly low production quality, then you can return it any time for a full refund. I really don’t give a shit, because there are other guys who really want to learn, who come to my live trainings and pay far more than what you’re paying for this information.

If you’re all about sizzle and not about getting the highest quality steak, then seriously, you’ll be disappointed. This is HARDCORE, down and dirty, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC real sex talk.

If that’s not what you’re about and you can’t appreciate it…shoot me an e-mail at any time and I’ll gladly give you your money back ([email protected]). In fact, I’d love to give you your money back if you’re not happy. I don’t want anyone talking shit about me behind my back, and besides, if you can’t see the value in this program, it’s probably better to take it out of your hands for the safety of the general public.


Wheel chair your woman is going to need tomorrow morning to get home—not included…

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